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About Our School

About Our School

Corpus Christi is located on Hamilton’s west mountain at 25 Alderson Drive. The school was first opened on September 7th, 1965 and began as a country school as many who attended the school lived on farms. Over the years the student population increased and it became necessary to renovate the building to accommodate the larger student body.
In 1997 plans were made to make an addition to the school. The students were housed at St. Jean de Brebeuf Secondary Catholic School and in September 1999 the addition was completed and the students returned to the renovated building. The addition included a new library, gymnasium, computer lab, 10 classrooms and offices. Presently there are 434 students and over 35 staff at Corpus Christi. The school serves students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School believes in meeting the needs of all students and providing opportunities for them to become 21st century learners. It has always encouraged and received strong parental support which has enabled our school to develop key partnerships in learning. At the center of everything that we do at the school is Jesus Christ, our saviour, the model of how we should act and treat one another. Along with these gospel values, we integrate Restorative Practices into the daily life of each student which promotes care, forgiveness, compassion, empathy and understanding for all people. We impress upon our students that prayer is the glue that unites us in Christ and that it is important for them to experience prayer throughout the course of the school day.

Corpus Christi strongly believes in environmental stewardship and has a very active ECO Team that helps to carry out important initiatives and promote awareness. Our Catholic School Council is actively engaged in the school life of our students and works extremely hard to enable us to achieve our school goals. Establishing a collaborative culture of supporting student needs with the greater community has been well documented. We will always work together as a faith community to ensure that our students will go forward in their lives as effective communicators, reflective and creative thinkers, life-long learners, collaborative contributors, caring family members and responsible citizens.